Biggest Mistakes Edtech Companies Make When Creating VR Training for Learners

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Discover how to avoid common VR creation pitfalls.Learn to balance tech and education in VR.Grasp the essence of user-friendly and inclusive VR design.Uncover ways to measure VR training effectiveness.Leverage social interaction for enhanced VR learning.

Everything You Need to Improve Your VR Education Product

My name is Andrew Molloy, and I have 15 years in the EdTech industry, 12 years building award-winning 3D simulations and immersive experiences. And now, I want to share everything I know with you.

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Day 1: Avoid VR Overwhelm - How to Balance Tech with LearningDay 2: Neglecting accessibility and inclusivity - How to Stop Excluding LearnersDay 3: Keep it Simple - Why User-Friendly VR Interfaces MatterDay 4: Does Your VR Training Actually Work? - The Importance of ValidationDay 5: VR is a Team Sport - The Power of Social Learning in VR Training